I considered this one for CI 2.0, but in the end I decided that it doesn’t quite line up with Tim and Swallowtail’s characterizations anymore. Swallowtail, especially, would probably just be annoyed by Tim’s dumbassery here, rather than playing along with it.

Also, Tim is wearing an eyepatch because of an ill-fated mini-arc in which he made a dumbass remark and Swallowtail responded by comically stabbing him in the eye (this comic is set after Swallowtail had apologised and they had made up, obviously). I made several comics of this kind, where Swallowtail responds violently to sources of annoyance, and the logic behind them was that it was meant to be “empowering”, in a weird sort of way, because violence is tradtionally seen as a masculine trait and all that. But of course, in order for this type of empowerment to work, you have to actually see violence as a legitimate source of power, which, needless to say, is a rather harmful delusion. If anything, this kind of ironic violence actually makes things worse, because by promoting egalitarian participation in a harmful system, you simply legitimize that system, and make it more accessible to people who might otherwise have shied away from it.

Anyway, that train of thought has led to me omitting a number of old comics from this archive, so I thought you might be interested in why I have done so. Rant over.