It is tempting to suggest that Ryan North should fascistically wield an indomitable iron fist and outlaw all Project Wonderful ads that use sexy imagery to promote decidedly un-sexy content, but the truth is, no one would use these ads if they didn’t work. Personally, I make a point of not clicking on such ads, because even if they perhaps do lead to sexy webcomics, if you can’t put together an ad that offers anything more substantive than just BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS HEY GUYS WE GOT BOOBS HERE then I’m probably not going to like it anyway.

But I am just one guy, and ultimately it is the audience at large that chooses which comics to support and therefore shapes the available material through a process of artificial selection. So, a note to you, the reader: these ads are YOUR fault, you selfish jerk. >:(  But yeah if you want to see better content then it is up to the audience to put selective pressure on the artists, otherwise they will have no reason to change. The power… is yours.

Oh and hey, I am in the middle of a huge project right now, a project which is fifty-one panels long in fact, so I took a quick break from it to turn this little comic out, since it will probably be a while yet before said project is completed. But don’t worry! I think it will be worth the wait.