Haha, okay, we had some fun today, kids, but I’m sure what you REALLY want to see is a tedious blog entry ruminating on the difference between art and porn, am I right? Aww yeah, I know what my audience likes.

Speaking of which, maybe you read this comic and thought to yourself: “wait a sec, Tim, you want our culture to become even MORE obsessed with sex? Haven’t you seen The Advertising? They use Sexy all the time! I can’t go anywhere without seeing The Sexual Imagery trying to Sell Me Things. And jeez, don’t even get me started on What The Kids Are Wearing These Days.” Well, you are possessed of an odd turn of phrase, but I see your point. I think the main difference with that sort of thing is that whilst non-explicit sexual cues are indeed often employed by people seeking to manipulate those around them and to increase their standing in the various social hierarchies, the actual act of sex itself is not exactly held in the same regard. Or in other words: you’re not talking about sex, you’re talking about culturally-based sexual selection there. And because it is cultural (ie. you don’t need to actually have sex and reproduce to pass the memes along), it has mutated into quite a strange beast indeed – to the extent that, ironically, sexual selection doesn’t always favour a positive and healthy view of sex! Humans are truly ridiculous.