Dumb comic, but there are a couple of things to note here: first is the obvious window into my influences, as my drawing style was mainly developed over years of defacing my high school books with pictures of DragonBall Z characters, since that was my favourite show at the time. The other point of interest is that this was the last comic I drew before I got my Wacom tablet – the same one that I am still using today, incidentally (as of September 2010, though it has seen better days and I’m looking to upgrade sometime soon). Before picking up that lovely piece of technology, I was just drawing these things with a mouse, in an old program called Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which came packaged with a scanner we bought years earlier (circa 2000, I think). I can’t even imagine going back to that system today, and as bad as these early comics are, I’m kind of amazed they weren’t much worse, frankly.

By the way, the comic after this one – the first one done with the new tablet – is quite awful, so we’re just going to skip ahead to another important milestone.