I drew and posted this comic just a few hours after hearing about Irwin’s death – it is probably the fastest I’ve gone from conceiving an idea to putting it up on the web. And here is a thing I posted on a forum I frequented at the time:

I always admired Steve Irwin. I grew up with a fascination for reptiles, so I guess he spoke to that part of me. His passion for animals and conservation was just something else… I can’t think of many people so devoted to their chosen cause. His shows were always entertaining, and not just because he was a nut, but because he was never actually eaten by something. He knew what he was doing. A regular person would have been killed a hundred times by now, but it took a freak accident to end his life. Which makes sense – if it was anything else, he would have recognised the danger and avoided it (well, antagonised it and then avoided it, anyway). A lot of people (not here; just in general) have been saying that they “saw it coming”… no they didn’t. As I recall, all the jokes were about him being eaten by a crocodile, giant snake, rancor, or similar beast.

No one says they “saw it coming” when a race car driver is killed, do they? Or if a police officer is killed in the line of duty? Some professions are just inherently dangerous. The fact that Steve approached his work so enthusiastically despite the risks is just all the more reason for him to be admired.