I find this one interesting to look back on, because you can see my beliefs slowly starting to evolve, but inevitably, all that means is that I’ve simply moved on to a new round of mistakes. It is a natural reaction when arguing against a system of imbalanced power (like patriarchy, but it can be any sort of dominance hierarchy) to assume that swinging the pendulum back to the other side is a step forward. But as I have gone on to explore in more recent comics, the opposite of a power imbalance is not to empower the oppressed at the expense of the oppressors – the true opposite is legitimate equality for all. As soon as you create a power imbalance, regardless of your rationalizations, you simply legitimize the inevitable swing back to the other side, and so the cycle will continue. The feeling of powerlessness that motivates this behaviour will only grow stronger if you feed it in this manner.

Silly jokes like this one might not seem like a big deal, but my main reason for pointing this out is because I am quite sick of the popular meme that has infected Hollywood, mainly in comedies and such, where the male characters act like incredible morons while the female characters are like, “ughh, MEN, am I right?” It is pretty insulting to both parties to imply that the only way to portray female characters in a positive way is to dumb down the male characters, epsecially when it is done so to such an absurd degree.

And yes, I GET the joke, I know it’s usually supposed to be “satire” – as you can see, I’ve been there myself, and it’s a dumb idea. Irony can be a powerful tool when used intelligently, but most of the time it is not, it is just a form of self-deception that people employ to justify their participation in a harmful system.