This was the very first easter egg! Hooray!

This one is quite embarrassing for me, because it was drawn back when I was going through what can only be accurately described as a “global warming skeptic” phase – though by the tone of this comic, I think I was already starting to come to my senses at this point, even if I hadn’t completely overcome my cognitive dissonance just yet. It certainly wasn’t the worst product of that period; that prize rests squarely with this comic, which was drawn a few months earlier. As you can see, it was all rather insufferably ignorant, and I’m surprised it didn’t draw harsher censure from the small audience I had at the time.

I mean… I certainly understand why people are afraid to criticize others, because that establishes a precedent by which you will also be judged, and most people are afraid that they won’t be able to live up to such standards – but that is actually why it’s so important to foster an atmosphere of positive criticism. We are all works in progress, and the best way to continue that progress is to focus on what is wrong, so that those mistakes can be rectified. So, yes, if you criticize others, they will in turn criticize you – and that is a good thing. That is how we Learn.