If you’re reading this then presumably you’re already familiar with my main comic, Comical Interlude, which I’ve been drawing for several years now. It was quite a different beast back when I first started drawing it, because not only has the comic evolved over time, but I’ve changed quite a bit, too.

In its first iteration, I drew a couple of hundred comics, before becoming unsatisfied with this body of work and deciding to throw it out so I could start over, this time focusing on a storyline-based format featuring the characters I had accidentally developed as I was steadily sucked in to the comics-making vortex. A fair number of the original, CI 1.0 comics were salvagable for the new 2.0 format, but there were also a lot of comics left over, for various reasons. Additionally, I was left with an “ideas” document full of comics that I wanted to draw, but which would not fit in with the new storyline – and this backlog of potential comics has only grown since.

So this is where the B-Roll comes in – it is a collection of comics, both old and new, which don’t fit in anywhere else. Some feature earlier versions of the characters now featured in CI 2.0, but many others are disconnected entirely, featuring characters who show up once to play their part, then fade back into oblivion once more. There’s no storyline or character development to follow, so you can dive in wherever you want. Also, I haven’t gone back and changed any of the art from the early comics, so you can sit back and marvel as my skills evolve from “cluelessly horrendous” to “amateur heavily reliant on Photoshop”. And finally, I’ve also added some extra commentary under many of the old comics, consisting mainly of apologies and explanations, but unless you are like super bored then that stuff can be safely skipped over.

One thing I want to make clear: whilst the art quality may vary, I’m not looking to just make this a dumping ground for my second-rate ideas. I think it would be kind of a dick move to ask people to invest time in reading such a thing. These are simply extraneous ideas, not ones which I don’t think are “good enough” for my main site. To that end, there are a number of old comics which are not reproduced here, because they were either offensive or just plain old not funny. I think it’s safe to say they will not be missed.

Anyway that’s pretty much the deal here. By the way, due to its supplementary nature, this comic has no real update schedule, but I’m hoping to have new comics showing up on a semi-regular basis, because I see this as a place where I can experiment with different art styles and, with any luck, produce comics much more efficiently than on my main site.